Grammar: A 100 Word Rant

By: Stefanie Baptista Campus Life Editor Please, for the love of God, learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. You’re in college; you’re not over THERE at the elementary school with the children who are learning how to incorporate the three different words into THEIR own vocabulary. THEY’RE also learning the difference between your […]

Fast Fashion- What Is It?

By: Stefanie Baptista Campus Life Editor   “Fast fashion.” It’s a term thrown around a lot on social media nowadays. You can find a collection of passionately worded arguments that condemn shopping at stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Primark, and many more with a simple search on Twitter. However, people seem to be leaving […]

Fall 2019 Reading List

Image via Curbed Fall, autumn, whatever name floats your boat, is officially here. When I think of fall, I think of crisp weather, warm tones, my birthday, Halloween, and many other exciting things. One activity that I always find myself doing more of during this time of year (or try to do more of, because, let’s face […]

Calorie Counts: A 100 Word Rant

Ah, going out to eat. One of America’s favorite pastimes. It’s all fun and games until you open the menu to find that they took the initiative of putting the calorie count next to every single dish. Seriously, guys?! I came out here to have a good time but I’m honestly having anything but that […]