OK, Boomer

In the past few months, the phrase “Okay, Boomer” has gone viral through internet memes, videos on tik tok and even a theme song called “OK Boomer” by Peter Kuli and Jedwill. The phrase is a clever diss invented by the youthful generation Z, those born from 1996 on, in response to run ins with […]

What’s Happening with Instagram Likes?

It’s finally happening. After months of stipulation, Instagram is doing a trial run of removing the number of likes that a post gets. Instagram announced earlier in the year that they were going to be testing a new update that would hide the number of likes on any post, influencer or not. They started the […]

Massachusetts is Trying to Ban What?

A Massachusetts lawmaker is trying to ban the b-word.  Representative Dan Hunt proposed the law in hopes of adding it to the already in place law that assigns fines and other penalties for offenses such as, crimes for common nightwalkers, indecent exposure, and obstruction of the peace, according to boston.com.  The proposal states: “A person […]

The Vape Ban: One Month In

Not a day has gone by without hearing about the “vape ban”, which has been a hot topic for people of all ages and beliefs, each viewpoint more extreme than the next. If you are unfamiliar, Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker, announced a four month ban on all vape related products back in late September. This […]

Fast Fashion- What Is It?

By: Stefanie Baptista Campus Life Editor   “Fast fashion.” It’s a term thrown around a lot on social media nowadays. You can find a collection of passionately worded arguments that condemn shopping at stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Primark, and many more with a simple search on Twitter. However, people seem to be leaving […]

Octobers Democratic Debate

Another debate has come and gone and if you watched last night, you probably have more questions than you did before the debate started.  What’s the deal with healthcare? And the impeachment? And is Andrew Yang really going to give every American a $1,000 a month? Well, those questions were (kinda) answered last night. Twelve […]

LGBTQ Equality Town Hall

Today is the 31st Annual National Coming Out Day and last night, nine Democratic presidential candidates honored this day by standing in front of 100’s of LGBTQ people and allies to tell them how they would fight for their rights.  CNN partnered with the Human Rights Campaign to host the LGBTQ Equality Town Hall. Nine […]