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Fall Nails – Fall is the biggest time for fashion and what better way to start off the season by looking your best. You have a this great outfit on, but nothing feels complete without a fresh mani. Your summer sadness is starting to kick in when you have to put away those bright nail polishes and get ready for the cold. Colors like oxblood, deep blues and purples and emerald green are what you want to be wearing this season. You still can pull off metallic colors and pastels, because they will never stop being trendy at the end of a season. Now, go out and look your best with a fall manicure to top off your outfit.

The hand belongs to Kaitlyn Morrill who is a junior and a math major "Junior math major Kaitlyn Morrill paints her nails gold for the fall season" Heather Burgess photo.
Junior math major Kaitlyn Morrill paints her nails gold for the fall season.Heather Burgess photo.

The Flu – Sneezing, coughing and runny noses, signs of a sickness coming on. You don’t want to pass this around so here are some tips for you to beat the sickness and not spread it around. When having the flu you want to keep hydrated with fluids so you don’t dehydrate. You want to stay rested while using appropriate medicine such as Advil for headaches and Aleve for aches and pains. Steam is great for congestion to clear out sinuses and make you more relaxed. You always want to wash your hands and cover you mouth when coughing because spreading it to others could make it worse. Now that you know what to do when you have the flu, follow these rules and beat it.

Bangerz – Miley Cyrus, a love-hate relationship. Last week she released her hit album “Bangerz” hitting number one on ITunes. Artists on the album include Britney Spears, French Montana and Future. With Miley now being a huge topic of discussion, you must admit she can produce feel good music. Ever since the MTV Video Music Award performance, she has been in the limelight of controversy. Everyone knows her as Hannah Montana, but that phase is over and she is now grown up. Give “Bangerz” a try even if you aren’t a Miley fan, you may get hooked right away.

Gravity – The box office this weekend was packed with hit movies people were dying to see. Gravity took the number one spot this weekend bringing in $44.3 million with a total of $123.4 million since it came to theaters. If you are looking for a movie where you clench your seat, this is it. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, it tells the story about astronauts and their incredible journey of survival in space while trying to get back to Earth. With high ratings and great suspense, this movie will not disappoint.

LivingSocial – Addicted to Groupon? Here is a new addiction to add to your obsession. LivingSocial is an app for smartphone users (and also a website) that is almost identical to Groupon. It has daily deals that you can use at specific places of your choice. This is a great alternative because there is a second option if you don’t find something on Groupon and can specify by city of your choice. Deals can include food, spas, shopping and travel, where there is always something new for you to try. This app is free, so you can take it anywhere for easy access of great deals.

Lilly Devine is a Comment staff writer. Email her at l1devine@student.bridgew.edu.

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