Greek life is a large part of Bridgewater State University student life. Although not everyone on campus goes greek, most people know someone who has.


With three sororities, three fraternities, and one co-educational fraternity, there is bound to be a place for any prospective new member of greek life.


Currently, two sororities are looking to come onto campus, Zeta Phi Beta and Alpha Sigma Tao. Zeta Phi Beta is an organization whose goals largely include promoting the rights and equality for African American women, while Alpha Sigma Tao has a primarily philanthropic goal.

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“All of our sororities do very well on campus and are very involved, so we’re really excited to be able to add more options on campus,” said Victoria Lemieux, president of the panhellenic association which governs all on-campus sororities.


Adding two new sororities on campus can also bring national recognition to Bridgewater State.


“I am always glad to see more ladies stepping up for sorority recruitment and adding new chapters will only help expand and achieve our goals at the national level,” said recruitment specialist Ashley Smith, from the national headquarters of Alpha Sigma Tao.

Along with the two sororities, a fraternity is trying to join Bridgewater State in Sigma Xi. It was on campus up until three years ago. They left campus for various reasons, but are now trying to reestablish themselves as an on-campus fraternity.


“I think our continued growth is really reflective of the continued interest of students who want to join fraternities and sororities,” said Associate Director of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, Maribeth Johnson-flakes.

With the potential for new greek organizations, it begs the question of whether or not it will become more difficult for the pre-existing groups to find new members.


Johnson-Flakes said that the edition of new groups actually increases interest in membership because there is the ability to be part of something new, and maybe even find yourself taking a leadership role at Bridgewater State.

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