Red Sox – The Red Sox are heading back to the World Series after beating the Detroit Tigers in six games Saturday night. The team hasn’t been to the World Series since 2007, when they swept the Colorado Rockies in four games. Shane Victorino’s grand slam in the seventh inning of game six advanced the Red Sox into the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. The World Series began on Wednesday night and will continue into the weekend.

Halloween Costumes – Halloween is just around the corner, the only time of the year where dressing up ridiculously is acceptable. Here are the top 5 costumes of 2013:

·         Miley Cyrus has climbed to number one

·         Superheroes

·         Zombies

·         Anything Gatsby

·         Mermaid


Walking Dead – Season 4 has just begun and the hit AMC show brought in 13.9 million viewers during last weekend’s season premiere. Predictions show that this could be the best season yet and it’s only the beginning. A show based on a zombie apocalypse, the characters try and survive with some complications along the journey. Zombie enthusiast? Tune in to AMC on Sundays at 9 p.m. or Netflix has seasons one through three to catch you up.

Breast Cancer Awareness – October is coming to an end, and the pink ribbons will slowly get put away, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about Breast Cancer Awareness month. In the last week of the month, make it count by wearing pink, donating a little to the Susan G. Komen Foundation (there are other foundations also) or even doing a run or walk. So, let’s make the last week count by showing support and making people aware that breast cancer awareness should be known about every month, not just in October.

Pastel – Fall is coming to an end soon enough, but there is still time to wear your fashion favorites. Pastel colors are one of the top fall fashions this year, and it certainly will not die out when the cold winter comes. Colors like buttercup yellow, lavender, and powder pink, have made it to the top fall trends of 2013. Don’t put on the black quite yet, add some color to your wardrobe and make the best out of the rest of the year.

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