Bridgewater State University campus not as green as it could be

By Elizabeth Le

Comment Contributor

Recycling bins such as these can be found in buildings, residence halls, and outside of green spaces across campus.
Recycling bins such as these can be found in buildings, residence halls, and outside of green spaces across campus.

For our future generations to survive, we all know that we must reduce waste and recycle as much as possible. How is Bridgewater State University doing with that?

Well, until recently, I have never really thought about it that much.

I have noticed that yearly, each dorm building on campus has a competition on which residence hall recycles the most. However, either most residents don’t know about this competition or they just don’t care.

And it doesn’t help that many students already recycle everything they can in their residence halls. Should we just use up more water bottles and paper just to win the competition? It doesn’t seem right at all.

Some residents see recycling as too much effort. Why recycle something when you can just throw it in the trash can which sits right next to you?

Bridgewater State has shown they value recycling by placing bins and containers in the dorms and academic buildings, yet students continue to throw away their water bottles in the trash instead of taking the extra steps down the hallway to put it in a recycling bin.

And even though we have these recycling bins, it still feels like Bridgewater State can do more.

Students on campus may have also noticed that Bridgewater State has placed many recycling bins around campus. That’s great, but there are too few of them and they are too spaced out.

With the recycling bins being spaced out, it leads students to put what could be recycled items directly into the trash. This completely defeats the purpose of recycling. We might as well not have the bins at all.

In addition, the bins aren’t emptied enough. When students do decide to recycle, they actually can’t because the bin is overflowing with bottles and cans already.

Overall, I feel that this campus and its students are truly trying to improve and save the ecosystem, but with a little more effort, we could do much better.

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