Knowledge is power: why reading for fun is not such a bad thing

By Elizabeth Le

Comment Contributor

Books come in many genres, and not everyone enjoys the same genre, author, or style of writing.
Books come in many genres, and not everyone enjoys the same genre, author, or style of writing.

Some people say that reading is not for everyone.

I say that is not true at all. They just haven’t found what types of stories keep their interests yet.

When I was in grade school, I hated reading anything that wasn’t “The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes,” Cam Jansen, Junie B. Jones, or Roald Dahl – you know, those “easy books.”

When we had to read a book in the genre of fantasy in middle school, “Alanna: The First Adventure” by Tamora Pierce was recommended to me by my teacher. That was the book that started it all.

My point is, I was one of those “book haters,” but because of just one story, I’m now a bookaholic. But why should students pick up a book and read it?

Because knowledge is power.

If people would just give books a couple more chances, I bet they would find the one. Everyone has their own taste in music, movies, and television, so why would books be any different?

Books are not just words on paper. The ones that are special capture your soul and crush your heart. Reading not only enhances one’s imagination, but also expands one’s knowledge of vocabulary, human behavior, and different cultures.

To us avid readers, books are our escape. When reality is too rough or too dull, we can transport ourselves into the adventure-filled worlds of many different characters. These characters let us see into how they feel and how their minds work.

Through their eyes, we see how much transformation each character goes through from the beginning of their journey to the end.

Whether it’s a physical book, audiobook, or e-book, find what interests you and see if your brain can handle it all. Welcome to the world of a reader.


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One thought on “Knowledge is power: why reading for fun is not such a bad thing

  1. I agree. I’ve always loved reading. I think if books were promoted in the same way as movies and music the younger people may take a better interest. Unfortunately that isn’t so.

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