Random Act of Kindness Week should be every day

By Kayla Lemay

Comment Staff


Random Act of Kindness Week just sounds like another awareness week or funny holiday.

However, it is a real thing.

But why do we need it? Why aren’t we just kind and considerate all the time?

You should not feel obligated to be kind during this one week. Instead, you should feel obligated to be kind every day.

On the official website for this week, there is an image with 10 suggestions. One of them is “smile at a stranger.”

Smiling at someone should not be something you consider kindness, it should be considered proper etiquette.

Another one is “try a new food or cook healthy food for your family.”

I do not consider that kindness at all, I consider that common sense and practicality.

Kindness is seeing someone on the highway whose car had been hit, and stopping to check on them, or helping someone push their car to the side of the road when it is broken down.

Kindness is complimenting someone on something they did, or their appearance. Kindness also could be paying for the person behind you in line at Starbucks, just because.

You never know when someone is having a bad day, and seeing someone’s face light up when you do something kind for them is something that everyone should experience.

Don’t let a grumpy person discourage you, either. It is important to understand that, while in the moment of their bad mood they may not appreciate your act, they will later on when they realize that sometimes strangers can be nice.

Being kind helps you as well. It’s something known as a helper’s high and gives you good feelings about being a good person.

So rather than wait until the next Random Act of Kindness week to come around, you should just go out now and be kind to others.


Kayla Lemay is the General Assignments Editor at The Comment. Follow her on Twitter @klemay123 or email her at klemay@student.bridgew.edu.


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