BSU Alumna Fondly Remembered after Passing

By Kayla Lemay Comment Staff On Monday, March 17, an email was sent to the students and faculty of Bridgewater State University notifying them of the passing of a recent alumna, Ariene Barros.   Ariene Barros, also known as Ari, graduated last May with a degree in Criminal Justice. She received an award through the […]

Alumni Park Press Box Damaged by Arson

By Elizabeth Sekkes Comment Staff The Bridgewater State University (BSU) Police Department is currently investigating an arson report which occurred on the campus of BSU at Alumni Park. BSU Police have yet to learn the identity of the perpetrator and also do not know when the incident took place. On March 14, the BSU Police […]

Two students report personal accounts of sexual assault

By Elizabeth Sekkes Comment Staff On March 6, two female Bridgewater State University students came forward and reported that they had each been sexually assaulted by men whom they personally knew. The incidents were not related, and the perpetrators were not the same person. The first incident is known to have happened either on March […]

BSU Tattoos

By Morgayne Mulkern Comment Staff When you think of college students and tattoos, you might think of a drunken night that resulted in a much regretted tattoo or an impulsive decision to get a tattoo, just for the fun of doing it, one with little meaning. This was not the case at all with the […]

Guest lecturer discusses street art and graffiti

By Molly Bello Comment Staff Historically, graffiti and street art were not well-respected art forms. Often crossing the legal lines, and while intricate and sometimes well-received by the general public, law enforcement and owners of defaced walls were often not impressed. In 2014 however, street art and graffiti are much more accepted in the fine […]

Mama C. kickstarts BSU’s African Awareness Week

By Matthew Reed Comment Staff As one would walk down the hallway, one could hear the beat of the drums and the wafting smell of the prepared food. The event had begun. March 24 kicked-off Bridgewater State University’s African Awareness Week which began with the Visual and Performing Arts of Africa, an event which featured […]

Bridgewater State top 5 trends of the week

By Lilly Devine Comment Staff StudyBlue StudyBlue is the new app made for students that can upload class materials, create electronic flash cards, and take quizzes. Students can save their materials to their icloud so they can share with others when needed. Bridgewater State is registered already with this app and it is available for […]