A mix of new and old fashion creates fresh ideas for spring

By Molly Bello
Comment Staff
Spring clothes are being stocked in stores as we speak, and with spring weather beginning to warm us up, what more of an excuse do you need to go shopping for the new season?
The 90s grunge style is returning this spring in a modern way. Crop tops and platform shoes are among the pieces included in this trend. Pair a crop top with a high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts for a playful and more covered up version of the trend.
“I feel that high waisted shorts will still be a thing, along with crop tops,” said junior theater major Cassy Gilbert .
Funky patterned sweaters and sweatshirts are also popping up. It’s still chilly so these are the perfect transition piece from winter to spring. These are something that anyone can wear, often the best 90s style sweaters are somewhat unisex.

High-waisted shorts and cool patterns are wildly popular for spring. Pair them with crop tops or a graphic t-shirt. Molly Bello - Photo
High-waisted shorts and cool patterns are wildly popular for spring. Pair them with crop tops or a graphic t-shirt.
Molly Bello – Photo

Overalls and shortalls are also a part of this 90s revival, but can be a tricky trend to master.
“Now, along comes a piece that threatens to make us look like a grade-schooler,” said online magazine Refinery29 writer Kayla Moser. “But, with a little know-how, shortalls really can feel chic…we promise.”
Moser suggests trying out different fabrics such as velvet for a transition to spring.
“Velvet has the rare ability to be beautiful, warm, and comfortable all at once — a pretty nice hat trick for this time of year,” Moser said.
Track jackets and pants have a great slimming effect. Wear the jacket with a mini skirt or the pants with a white t-shirt for a cool mix.
“One of the biggest trends I’ve seen has been more structured sportswear turned into everyday wear, crop tops and track jackets but in grays and pastel colors,” said junior corporate communication major Linnea Kennison.
Kennison also emphasized the volume of cropped jackets that will be seen in the upcoming season. They’ll be seen both in casual fabrics like cotton and denim, as well as light colored leather.
Running sneakers for everyday wear are becoming extremely popular. They are perfect for walking to and from class all day. They can take you from the classroom to the gym, and have become a comfortable and trendy accessory.
Perforated clothing has a sporty feel and can be seen on anything from tops to skirts to bags. This technique is often used on more structured pieces, on every color fabric.
Clothes made out of neoprene, the same material as wetsuits, although expensive, are extremely slimming, and thus very popular among celebrities. Opt for a cheaper alternative from Forever 21 with a look alike fabric.
Also, monochromatic outfits are fresh and interesting. Different shades of white or black have a classic, chic feel. This is also a good way to rework your own wardrobe and create outfits without purchasing new clothes.
Putting together outfits with different shades of the same color can make aesthetically interesting layering and pairing of cool textures and prints.
With music festivals growing in popularity each year, festival dressing has become a huge trend during the season. Bohemian aspects of festival attire have trickled down to normal, everyday dressing.
Big floppy hats, stylish and practical when blocking the sun and maxi skirts are more popular than ever this spring. Maxi skirts are an easy trend to incorporate into your spring wardrobe. If it’s still cold out, pair it with leggings underneath. Really hot out? Try a breezy gauze fabric.
This spring more than ever is the time to experiment with new silhouettes and fabrics. Try something outside of your comfort zone. Even by following the trends, you’ll be able to stand out.

Molly Bello is a The Comment’s Living-Arts Editor. Email her at mbello@student.bridgew.edu.

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