Bridgewater State Top 5 Trends of the Week

By Lilly Devine

Comment Staff



Some may have heard of this online resume site but if you haven’t or do not have one yet, do it immediately. This professional social networking site is equivalent to having an online resume. LinkedIn can connect you with professionals and colleagues to help you build connections you possibly can use to your advantage when trying to find a job.

Student ID Discounts

Being a broke college kid can be a struggle, so getting a discount is like finding gold. Being trendy in school on a budget is tough, but when stores like Banana Republic and J.Crew offer discounts for students when presenting their ID, there is no excuse. Not only do clothing stores offer discounts but when ordering online at Target, a 10 percent discount can be applied. There may be stores that offer student discounts that are not advertised, so asking if they offer them can be worth it.

Study Abroad

As much as you would love to be at Bridgewater State 24/7, studying abroad is an opportunity you do not want to miss. If you’re not interested with being in a different country for three months, BSU offers study tours that are two weeks long and just enough experience. If you are worried about the cost of studying abroad, the financial aid department is happy to help you look into aid. Check out the study abroad page on the BSU website where you will see upcoming study tours and study abroad programs.

Spring Break 2014

Not going anywhere tropical this Spring Break? No worries, there are other options. Groupon and LivingSocial have many day trips and activities if you are stuck in this New England weather. Go to their web pages, or download their apps where they offer nightlife deals for Providence and Boston. I mean it’s no Cancun, but these offers will be just as fun.

Oscar Moments

This past Sunday was the 86th annual Academy Awards hosted by Ellen Degeneres and it was full of surprises. Jennifer Lawrence didn’t even make it inside without falling on the Red Carpet, Ellen ordered pizza for all the A-list celebrities and Matthew McConaughey won best actor. The nominees for best picture included American Hustle, 12 Years of Slave, Wolf of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club. But, 12 Years of Slave ended up take home the Oscar for best picture.


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