BSU Bears of the Week, 9/25/14

BSU Bears of the Week Staff Report   Male Bear of the Week- Matt Green, Senior BSU, Varsity Football   Green led the Bears on Saturday night to an exciting 51-27 victory on the road against Worcester State. The electric runner was able to tally over 300 all-purpose yards in the game. Green made his […]

BSU needs to work on ‘being green’

By Shawn Potter Comment Contributor   As the world moves more and more to cleaner energy, so has our campus. Several Big Belly solar powered trash and recyclable dispensers have been placed in several areas on campus. These machines are located near the exit and main entrance of the Science and Technology Building. They are […]

College students do not broaden their horizons enough

By Kayla Lemay Editor-in-Chief   On Sunday, September 6th, the New York Times published an article titled “Demanding More From College.” Writer Frank Bruni said that college should not be comfortable, and students should not be trying to stick with a crowd of like-minded individuals. Instead, they should surround themselves with those of different beliefs […]

ISIS and what this terrorist group means to the world

By Tamas Bodrog Comment Staff   Recently, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (also called ISIS, and mostly composed of Sunni fundamentalists) has executed two American civilians. This was all done in the manner of “serving justice to the people who have evidenced American occupation”. To understand the conflict, In June 2014, most […]