Bear’s Den features fresh seafood selections in Seafood Elite event

Bear's Den offers fresh sea food
Bear’s Den offers fresh sea food


By Shawn Potter

Comment Contributor


Something fishy came to Bridgewater State University’s (BSU) Bear’s Den dining hall. Located in the center of the dining area is a round kiosk where students can order foods to be cooked on a Wok on the spot, including various other grilled items.


During the fourth week of September, The Bear’s Den opened up this kiosk to a fresh taste of New England seafood called the Seafood Hut. The Hut’s manager, Christopher Corsini, runs the heart of the display.


The seafood was available to all students, faculty and staff at BSU beginning Monday the 21st until Friday the 26th, from 11am until 7pm every day during that week.


The Seafood Hut advertised their fresh and local seafood items that included lobsters, steamers, mussels and shrimp that were creatively displayed on a fresh bed of ice.


Corsini explained that their program was able to connect to BSU through a Sodexo promotion. Sodexo is one of the many food distributors that he has been working through to get the fresh product that the program offers.


Corsini mentioned that in conjunction with the Sodexo promotion, the program was meant to open up the dining options to residential students. Instead of grabbing a burger with fries every day, residents could look forward to tasting a piece of New England seafood.


Locally sourced through Maine, they offered a  variations of seafood items. These included the Seafood Dinner (lobster with steamers), lobster, mussels, peel and eat shrimp, steamers, as well as a fresh catch of the day. All meals would be accompanied with a side of potatoes or corn.


Corsini mentioned that out of all the seafood items to be loved by the students and staff, the steamers and lobster were the most popular.


Lori Benson, a staff member of BSU’s Office of Teaching and Learning, personally ordered the salmon as a fresh catch of the day and said that it was cooked very nicely and not overly seasoned and marinated.


With Benson was Donna Murphy, from the Conference and Events Services Office (CESO). She had not had the chance to visit the unique seafood seafood stand but mentioned that she would have loved to visit it.


Evan Branco, a senior majoring in Communications, went to the Seafood Hut twice, on both Monday, Sept. 21 and Thursday, Sept. 25.


He said that on Monday he ordered the salmon and said that it had a wonderful quality as any good piece of fish should. On Thursday Branco ordered a fish called Fluke, which he stated was cooked very well done.


Though the Seafood Hut may have left Bridgewater’s Bear’s Den, Corsini mentioned that he will return next month in October with a Steakhouse theme.


They will most likely maintain the same position in the Bear’s Den, so student and staff can look forward to possibly digging into a lean piece of steak or ribeye next month.


Shawn Potter is a Comment Contributor. Editor-in-Chief Kayla Lemay edited this story. Follow her on Twitter @klemay123 or email her at


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