For college students, balancing commitments is key to time management

Michael Rooney
Comment Contributor

“School comes first.” It can be said that most college students have heard this phrase before.

However, it can be difficult to make school a priority with the different things that college students have to juggle, such as extracurricular involvement, employment, homework, rest, and leisure. With so much that could be on a college student’s plate, the key to the balance is time management.

Joining a student organization or sports team can give a student many benefits, such as  staying busy, making new friends, and perhaps even learning something new.

Further, some students, either out of necessity or because they have a desire to have money, are employed.

While the importance of being involved on campus and being employed continues to be critical for students today, some college students are so over-committed to their activities outside of the classroom that they put off many of their class assignments until it is too late.

By looking at a college student’s busy schedule, some might say that there is not enough time to do homework and rest at the end of the day. But the truth is that a college student’s life schedule is still at their own discretion. College students create their own college class schedules.

Therefore, students should also be very mindful of when or how often his or her extracurricular activities meet so that there is no interference inside and outside of the classroom. In addition, most employees have the ability to choose their own availability; working too many hours can be detrimental in so many ways to students.

In today’s modern world, technology can be a distraction to students. Too much time spent playing “Candy Crush” on their iPhone or watching popular Netflix original shows, such as “Orange is the New Black,” could be detrimental. While many electronic devices have sources to assist with class assignments, students are getting too carried away with the entertaining applications.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to fight the temptations to use this technology. But in order to keep focused on class assignments, it is best to try to avoid the use of technology for sources and instead use class notes and books.  

Taking the time to take a break and rest is also very important for a busy college student. The best way to balance school work and leisure is to prioritize school work, and when enough time is taken to complete school work, then it is break time to do whatever is desired. It is also important to try not to do too much school work and studying as this can result in major amounts of stress.

Most college students have also heard of the importance of getting a good night’s sleep which is typically eight or nine hours long. If a college student is constantly lacking a good night’s sleep, it will not only leave him or her worn out, but it will also affect academic performance and motivation. It might be a good idea for him or her to make an adjustment to his or her schedule in order to accommodate a good night’s sleep.

So, how exactly can a college student achieve the right balance between school, involvement, employment, and personal time? While every college student is different, it is important for them to remember that their schedules can be created at their own discretion and  they are responsible for any distractions that might interfere with class assignments.

Parents, professors, and college graduates can not say this enough: it is important to make every second of college count. With the right balance of commitments and effective ways to manage time, a college student can make the most out of their college experience and be on the path to a remarkable future.

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