Everyone can contribute to a peaceful world

Michael Rooney
Staff Writer

Imagine that you are walking along the beach on a beautiful day. The air is unpolluted and refreshing. Everyone surrounding you is happy and there is not a single disturbance.

Given these circumstances, you would be in a world of peace.

It is up to the people to create a peaceful world. This is undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges for mankind to face, as many people are different in their own ways. Believe or not, every individual can contribute to creating a world full of happiness, tranquility, and love.

In order to contribute to a peaceful world, you must begin by making peace within yourself.

A peaceful world is still not a perfect world. Many times, we tend to think too much about perfectionism. By letting go of this desire, you can be more forgiving and more relaxed.

Everyone should understand the importance of acknowledging the people around you.

No matter how well you know someone, everyone in this world deserves to be acknowledged and kindly greeted.

By even just saying a quick hello to a friend or someone you know when that person can feel more welcome in society.

When you see someone walking by you, do not let them just walk right by you. Instead, greet them with a smile, introduce yourself, and ask how they are doing.

Everyone should understand how the powers of acts of kindness affect both the giver and the receiver.

When you perform even a small act of kindness for someone, you can see that you have made a difference and you are happy that you have contributed. As the receiver, you can experience very similar feelings as the giver, but you will also feel thankful for the person who has made a difference in your mood.

Worldwide peace should have an appearance, just by observing an area of nature in the world. The world should be appreciated for the many purposes it brings to the people.

The people of the world can all collaborate together to respect the Earth. If everyone stopped polluting the parts of the Earth, cared for the other living things such as plants and animals, and reduced waste, the world would look like a peaceful place at a glance.

A world of peace seems impossible to some people, but it is always possible. By letting go of perfectionism, acknowledging more people, performing more acts of kindness, and respecting the Earth, the dream of worldwide peace can come true.

You should always be grateful for the many amazing things that are in the world, no matter how peaceful it is. There are still many people that want to make a difference and many things that make the world a beautiful place.

Michael Rooney is a Staff Writer for The Comment.

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