The many benefits of technology

Maddie Monagle
Comment Contributor

Many people say that technology is slowly ruining our world, but those people must not take into consideration all the benefits of technology. Technology is so important to our world, from the business world to our everyday life, we need technology.

Nowadays finding a job is becoming easier thanks to technology. With all these job search engines, such as and even finding a job and getting your name out there is easier. And once you have a job, technology will be more helpful than you think.

For example, video conferencing is very helpful in a company that has other branches in other areas of the world. With video conferencing, people can have meetings or even interviews, without having to leaving their office or home.

Also, with emails and online notes, companies can get information out faster and can get a response quicker. Along with emails and videoconferencing, technology helps companies by having easy organized storage space. This storage is also helpful in college.

Laptops are incredibly useful and pretty much necessary in college. Emails from teachers, class cancellation lists and homework postings would all be very hard to receive without technology.

Technology is an outstanding tool that every college student uses, and let’s admit, we probably wouldn’t be able to live without it.

Yes, technology is helpful in our work lives and our business lives, but we basically abuse technology in our everyday lives. Social media is a huge part of our lives now, and in a good way. From connecting with old friends on Facebook, seeing pictures of friends who live far and close on Instagram, keeping up with people on Twitter and getting inspiration on Tumblr, we all love social media.

Now, we cannot forget about our beloved cell phones. According to The Atlantic, an online newsletter, 97% of adults under the age of 44 have cell phones and 67% of those phones are smart phones.

The cell phone is one of the fastest adopted piece of technology in history, along with the television and the radio. We use our cell phones for more than just texting or calling, which is another reason we are so reliant on our technology.

Cell phones are used as search engines, from looking up health conditions, real estate listings and jobs to government information, humans rely on cell phones. Along with data usage, cell phones are reliable for quickly reaching someone, via email, text or phone call.

So to sum it all up, technology is incredibly beneficial to our everyday lives, our work lives and helping in our education.


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