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…the supermoon lunar eclipse

Bridgewater, and rest of the greater Boston area, was fortunate enough to have a clear night on Sept. 27, allowing for perfect viewing of a rare lunar eclipse. The eclipse occurred during perigee full moon. During perigee, the moon is the closest it can be to the earth. The phenomenon, often referred to as a ‘supermoon’, makes the moon appear extra large. The last ‘supermoon eclipse’ occurred in 1982, and it won’t occur again until 2033.

Senior Amanda Bielski watched the eclipse on Sunday.

“I thought that the supermoon was so amazing,” said Bielski. “Such an amazing weekend for astronomy with the supermoon eclipse and NASA finding water on Mars.”

…the water found on Mars

During a press conference on Monday, NASA confirmed it has “strongest evidence yet” that water exists in a liquid state on Mars to this day. Many people have speculated that this is strong evidence that life could exist on Mars at the present time, and leads to stronger speculation of extraterrestrial life forms somewhere else in the the universe.

“I think it’s really cool they found water on Mars,” said Kelsey Alexander, class of 2017. “You wouldn’t think in a million years they’d find water on Mars, but they did.” As to whether this is evidence of life on other planets, Alexander said, “I am a very strong believer in other life forms. Just because we require water to live, doesn’t mean other life forms do. I think it is evidence that there could be other life forms, but there could be lifeforms that also exist without water. You never know what’s out there. I’m a big believer in the infinite.”

…National Coffee Day

Sept. 29th was National Coffee Day. To celebrate, Dunkin Donuts gave out free cups of iced or hot dark roast coffee. Starbucks also celebrated, launching a year-long initiative to donate one coffee tree to a coffee-farming community in need for each bag of coffee sold in Starbucks stores. BSU Junior Tori Mink got her free coffee from Dunkin Donuts, but also supports what Starbucks is doing to help communities in need. “That’s a good idea, I like that,” she said of the initiative. “Coffee is good for the soul.”

…Tom Brady’s 400th career touchdown pass

Tom Brady made his 400th career touchdown pass during Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Brady became the fourth quarterback of all time to reach this milestone achievement. Cameron Ramos, a junior, was at the game. “It was awesome. My seats are eight rows up from the end zone where Brady threw #400. As soon as McCourty intercepted that pass, everyone knew it was Brady’s time to shine with less than two minutes to go in the half. Brady did what Brady does best and drove the Pats down the field,” said Ramos. “As soon as he hit Danny in the endzone, the fans went nuts. Brady chants echoed the entire stadium. It was amazing to see history being made. He’s the best QB in NFL history. Period.”

…The Pope’s Visit to the U.S.

Pope Francis made his first visit to the United States last week, meeting with President Obama, Congress, and many other political and religious leaders. BSU Alum Alison Payne, ‘15, got to see the Pope on Sept. 23 in Washington DC, as she is there for an internship. “I got in line at 3 a.m. to go through security for a spot on the papal parade route. Eight hours of standing later, the wait became worth it when I had a front row spot almost falling forward because of all the pushing, and Pope Francis was ten feet in front of me – smiling and waving.” said Payne. “It was a blessed moment… It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that God was giving to me. I hope his visit and actions continue to touch Americans.”

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