Big or small, the choices that we make have an impact on our everyday lives

Gregory Plathe
Staff Writer

We make decisions every day. We choose what we are going to wear, we choose what time we are going to wake up. Sometimes, we make big decisions, like choosing whether or not to quit jobs, or choosing whether or not to start or end a relationship.

Whether they are big or small, these choices that we are faced with can change our lives in different and significant ways.

For example, often times we find ourselves in a situation, a predicament of sorts, and wonder how we got there. Perhaps we are in the midst of a broken relationship, caught in severe debt or financial crisis, or perhaps we have found ourselves falling into an endless pit of despair, failure and hopelessness.

We often try to attribute our circumstances to any one event, but surely, we are where we are because of numerous small, even subtle or unconscious choices made throughout our lives. Every decision we make, whether big or small, is a brick laid to form the foundation of our future.

Consider a man who, rather than save up for retirement, spends that portion of his weekly paycheck on momentary things such as going to the movies, buying new clothes, and living more lavishly.

While these things are not wrong to enjoy, imagine the horror when retirement age approaches and no money has been saved up. The man will soon realize the foolishness of his choices but will have no option other than to endure the consequences.

Imagine what our futures would hold if we took careful consideration of the ensuing effects of all our choices.

Many of us will someday be faced with regret because our choices have led us to regrettable circumstances. For some it will be in the form of financial chaos, others will experience broken marriages, destructive relationships, loneliness, and a vicious cycle of failure. But this need not be the end for all of us.

Take responsibility of your choices, weigh the impact of your decisions, and you may avoid the hurt and pain birthed by foolish decisions. Take ownership of your previous mistakes and make right what you have wronged. Put an end to the vicious cycle of bad choices and begin living, not for the moment, but for the future.

Gregory Plathe is a Staff Writer for The Comment newspaper.

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