SGA conducts annual Campus Safety Walk

Stephanie Dawber

Safety_walk_photo_SGA members gather together for annual Campus Safety Walk at Bridgewater State University.

In the midst of multiple sexual assaults this semester, the Student Government Association (SGA) Campus Safety Walk was conducted on Nov. 6, 5:30 pm. The  purpose of the Campus Safety Walk is to tour the campus looking for any possible dangers to student safety and bring them to attention of Bridgewater State University.

The Safety Walk started from the Harrington Building and proceeded throughout the entire Bridgewater State University campus.

Since last spring’s Campus Safety Walk changes were made upon SGA’s request. Damaged blue lights are now repaired, and damaged pavement, which is hazardous for handicapped individuals, are in the process of being retouched. Additionally, more lights in University Park were installed in Oct.

“The SGA is dedicated to making the campus the safest place possible,” said Anthony Herbert, SGA president. “Our Safety Walks will continue every semester and we sacrifice as many hours as it takes until students feel the safest way possible.”

Similarly, SGA Senator Jonathan McDonald feels the Safety Walk is beneficial to the BSU community.

“I felt that the walk was very productive, and I appreciated everyone’s efforts. Campus safety is truly a concern of the Student Government Association” said McDonald.

BSU administration such as President Clark , Vice President Jason Pina, Facilities Manager Keith MacDonald and members of the Boyden staff are provided the results of the Safety Walk.

“As a first year student, I got to experience the strong connection between the SGA and the BSU staff and administration in the effort to improve our campus’ safety” said Carter Remy, SGA Senator.

The SGA Office is located in the Rondileau Campus Center, room 102. They are open Monday through Friday and can be reached at 508-531-1350.

Stephanie Dawber is Editor-in-Chief of The Comment newspaper. Follow her on Twitter @StephanieDawber.

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