There are many benefits to being involved on campus for college students

Michael Rooney
Staff Writer

When I think back to my high school days, I think of how I regret not being very involved in after school clubs and activities. As I knew I would have another four years full of opportunities in college, I knew that one thing I wanted to change was my level of involvement.

For me, by becoming involved in organiza-tions at Bridgewater State University such as The Comment, the American Marketing Association, and an intramural dodgeball team, my college experience has been eventful (even as a freshman) because I have always had something to participate in.

If there is one thing that I have learned through my involvement thus far, it is that you do not just participate in the activities of an organization, you also gain many benefits for yourself that can go a long way.

First, if there is something that interests you, or you want to get involved with something that suits your major, there are many clubs and organizations to choose from on campus that you can join.

From journalism to video games, sororities and fraternaties to marketing and business clubs, there is something to suit every interest.

Even if the university does not have an organization that does not suit your interests and/or your schedule, you can always go through the process of starting your own organization. By doing so, it will show your creativity and you may gather other students who are interested in your idea.

Moreover, becoming involved in a particular organization gives you the perfect opportunity to meet people and make new friends. This is because the people you are involved with are more than likely involved for the same reason that you are. Therefore, you may share similar interests and you may get along well.

Next, your involvement will build up your resume. The more organizations you join, the more your resume will stand out. This will be benefi-cial when you are applying to graduate school and/or employers.

In fact, if you stay committed to your involve-ment in a particular organization, you may be given leadership opportunities. Your experience of having authority and being an influence to others will strongly attract the attention of employers and graduate schools.

Through holding a leaderhip position, you can also build upon importatnt leadership skills. These are skills that you will need in your future career, and these are skills that employers are looking for in you as well.

Further, a club or organization may do much more than have a meeting and talk. They may also hold special events such as trips, fundraisers, and dinner parties.

If you do not have the time to join an organization, but you still want to be involved somehow, community service is a good answer. The Community Service Center holds small and easy service events that are opportunities for students to get involved on or off of campus.

These community service trips also provide transportation when needed, and in participting in these trips, not only are you making a lasting difference in your community, you also now have the opportunity to meet new people.

The importance of being involved on campus is critical, and it is highly advised. The possible outcomes explain why: there are countless op-tions for your interests and time, the people you meet could become your new friends, and your developing resume will drive you into a bright future.

If you have some extra time on your hands, it is never too late to become involved. Many clubs and organizations always have the door open for anyone, as they want you to benefit from joining, and they want you to have the time of your life in the process.

Michael Rooney is a Staff Writer for The Comment newspaper.

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