There are many different ways to occupy your time during a snow day

Michael Rooney
Staff Writer

Wow! It is hard to believe that at this time last year, there was more snow on the ground than anyone knew what to do with. This winter, we have seen a couple of snowstorms that led to snow days, but as the snow has quickly melted, we are now seeing some better weather.

Even though we have not seen as much snow this winter compared to last year, there are still about three and a half weeks left until Spring finally arrives, which means the possibility another snowstorm in the near future is not out of the question.

While it would be nice to get another day or two off, some people may end up with so much down time that they are extremely bored. However, whether you commute or live on campus, there are many ways that you can take full advan-tage of your snow days, stay safe and help your community through the storm.

If you have to travel (whether by car or on foot), it is important to remember that there is no rush. Along with snow, there could also be black ice on the ground that can cause an accident and/or a serious injury, so it is a good idea to travel slowly. It is also best to dress in as many layers as possible to avoid frostbite.

Many students know the feeling of homework no longer being due on an original due date be-cause of a cancelled class. However, if you are caught up with your homework, a day off would be a perfect opportunity to go ahead of a class syllabus, if possible. It is also a great chance to study longer and try to fully grasp the concepts being taught in a class.

If you live at home, snow days give you the time to give back to your neighborhood. Instead of shoveling at just your own home, it would be a generous idea to help shovel at your neighbor’s homes, especially for any elderly or disabled neighbors.

For those that live on campus, there are other ways of helping your fellow residents in your hall. Since the dining hall hours would be limited and food delivery places may not be operating, it would be difficult for some residents to find a way to eat. If you have any extra food in your room, you could offer it to those in need.

Further, some people still have to work on campus on snow days, so not everyone has the day off. Without some employees, the snow day would probably be dreadful. Therefore, if you are on campus, you could take a moment to thank a residence hall maintainer, an employee of Sodexo, a BSUPD officer, and anyone who had to commute in the snow to report for duty because you could make someone’s day.

Of course, you may also want to gather a few friends and participate in winter activities before the snow eventually melts. For examples, you could go sledding down the hill in front of Shea/Durgin, have a snowball fight or build a snowman.

So, in the event that there ends up being an-other snow day in the next few weeks, you can easily make it a more eventful day. In the meantime, keep patiently waiting for warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and a day to wear shorts outside because Spring will be here before we know it.

Michael Rooney is a Staff Writer for The Comment Newspaper.

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