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Seasonal Horoscope: Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

By: Stefanie Baptista

Campus Life Editor

WE GET IT! YOU’RE A SCORPIO! If you didn’t passionately and emotionally profess it every ten minutes we might have forgotten. Lucky for you, though, the sun reminded us. On October 23rd. The day the world ended. Everyone was screaming. There was so much yelling. I saw a few Libras about to be sacrificed but their shield of sunshine protected them. Zombie apocalypse? The Scorpio apocalypse was way scarier.

Your go-getter personality will bring you far this season, young Scorpio. You’ll do well in every situation you find yourself in; even if you don’t. Your drive for success is unmatched and admirable. You really just don’t quit it, do you? 

You will experience many changes, both good and bad, this season, but you will meet them head-on and with a strong support system (as long as you stop ghosting people, of course. Yeah, I said it! *Truth Hurts by Lizzo starts playing the background*). Embrace these changes for what they are; you can’t control everything.  

I, the sun, don’t care about what any other sign has to say about you. I know the real you, Scorpio. You’re feisty, you’re driven, and you don’t really give a damn about anything. I know that can make you come off as coldhearted to non-scorpios, but, in the wise words of Lizzo, “go on dust your shoulders off, keep it moving” (*cue Good as Hell by Lizzo*).

Anyway, you’ll be fine this season. Also, uh, maybe don’t go as a witch for Halloween… you won’t handle the jokes well. Thank u, hexed. 

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