New Organizations on Campus

Many students across campus consistently look forward to participating in the wide variety of clubs offered here at Bridgewater State University- and maybe even in holding a leadership position in a few! Recently, many clubs submitted their new constitutions and got approved as official clubs on campus! Included in these organizations are Anthropology Club, History […]

Interview with NESN Writer Lauren Campbell

It’s not many girls’ dream to grow up reporting on the Boston Red Sox for a living.   For New England Sports Network (NESN) Content Editor Lauren Campbell, that is exactly what she wanted years before her dream became a reality. After graduating Marlboro High School in 2008, Campbell had her entire future ahead of her, and she had no idea where it […]

Do All Females Want Equality?

Females have been advocating for equal rights among all genders in the  United States, but is that really the mission of the feminist movement? What is the opposing argument? I point to a couple of ideas presented in society today that explain why females do or maybe don’t really want equality in the United States. […]