Biden is revived on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is one of the most important days in the journey to nominate a presidential candidate. 

With President Trump being the incumbent Republican who is sure to get the nominee of his party, all eyes were on which Democrat would win big on Super Tuesday.  

Without knowing the full results of California or Maine, we do know that Vice President Joe Biden won big in 9 out of 14 participating states. 

Those states are: Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennesse, Texas, Virginia, and is expected to win in Maine which would give him a 10 state win.

Senator Bernie Sanders was also victorious in a handful of states which included: Colorado, Utah, Vermont, and is expected to win California. 

Biden and Sanders turned into the true front runners after these wins but we still have some more states to go before naming anyone the Democratic Presidential nominee. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Super Tuesday is, who participated, and why it’s so important:

What is Super Tuesday?

On Super Tuesday, 14 states will set out and vote for whom they want to be the nominee of the Democratic party in this year’s presidential election. Those 14 states are Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Vermont. 

The end goal for the candidates is to receive the most delegates from each state, with a big emphasis on California and Texas since they have the most delegates to give due to population. A candidate needs 1,991 in order to be shown on the first ballot in the Democratic National Convention. 

Who participated and how many delegates do they have?

The Democratic Party had five candidates left fighting for delegates on Super Tuesday. Those candidates were:

  1. Vice President Joe Biden who now has 453 delegates
  2. Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont who now has 382 delegates
  3. Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts who now has 50 delegates
  4. Former Mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg, has since dropped out after earning 44 delegates
  5. Representative Tulse Gabbard from Hawaii, has 1 delegate

Why is Super Tuesday so “super”?

The results of Super Tuesday usually show everyone who is a clear front runner for the nominee. Since so many states participate, we can get a more clear idea of who is favored to win with different demographics. Before Joe Bidens 10 wins on Tuesday, he was not favored to win the nomination, but Super Tuesday opened that conversation up.

Joe Biden has also recently been endorsed by former presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg moments after he dropped out. Former candidates Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O’Rouke also endorsed Joe Biden earlier this week. Many think those endorsements helped him do so well on Tuesday, according to some CNN pundits.

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