Bear Statue Reveal

“Head up, paws forward” President Fred Clark describes the newest bear statue, he adds, “just like our students” as the posture symbolizes the attitude of resilience that BSU bears are notorious for. Standing outside the Park Avenue entrance of the Student Union Building, formerly known as the RCC, is a beautiful new artwork that remembers […]

Bridgerton: On-screen Versus Off-screen

After slowly “binge-watching” the glamorous, Regency-inspired phenomenon that is Netflix’s Bridgerton over the course of a few days (I say “slowly” and use quotation marks because I realize my definition of binge-watching is a little different from the widely accepted one), I had come to the conclusion that I, like 82 million other households, was […]

Homecoming 2021

Get ready, Bears! Something’s coming up and it’s right around the corner. Every year, we celebrate this grand and incredibly fun event. We have parties, we dress up, and we bring the family too. Bet all of you are incredibly psyched to get out there and enjoy some free stuff and people dressed in amazing […]