Tip & Tricks for Conquering the End of the Semester

Kelsey: Treat yourself after a long day of work! Set a goal, and after you complete it, give yourself a treat!

Tyler: Listen to instrumental music while you study or do work!

Sarah: Block everything out, try not to do everything for one class at the same time. Little sections make it more manageable.

Olivia: Turn off all the lights, sit on your bed in the dark, and watch Hannah Montana.

Alex: Know when your finals are, and study each subject for half an hour. It helps to cycle through them so you don’t burn out.

Rowan: Listen to playlists that don’t have any lyrics, and then during a 30 minute break listen to your favorite music. (Hydrate or Dydrate!!)

Kyle: Give yourself breaks, white noise machines are a gift from God, and EAT DINNER!

Cyn: Take a 15 minute break and listen to any music genre I like, or take a 5 minute nap if I’m too overwhelmed, or eat my favorite food

Nicholas: Swimming. Take a break in any way you can, for example, swimming.

Michael: Make a study playlist and a de-stress playlist. It will help you switch mindsets more quickly!

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