Starship Robot’s Conveniently Deliver Meals to Students

Last year, Bridgewater State University brought Starship Delivery Robots to campus. As the first school to do so in New England, Sodexo brought students a fun, easy, new way to conveniently get food delivered right to their doors by partnering with Starship Technologies. 

Starship Delivery Robots are available currently to deliver students food from Bear’s Den and Crimson Dining. All students need to do is download the Starship Delivery app, select where they will be ordering from, fill their cart and wait for your robot to make its way across campus for you. Customers will be able to track the robot every step of the way. Once it has arrived use the app to unlock the Starship Delivery Robot and collect your order. You can even connect your meal plan allowing you to use Dining Dollars to pay for your orders.  

Not only are these a convenient way of getting food delivered they are energy efficient as well. These robots have delivered over 1,000,000 orders and reduced CO2 emissions by hundreds of metric tons. They are completely electric, produce no carbon emissions at all and take less energy per delivery than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.  

Each robot travels autonomously for most of its journey and if any trouble occurs it pings a human operator who can then take control. Equipped with 10 cameras and traveling at a safe speed of 4 mph the robots function just fine on their own, hardly ever needing a person to control them.  

Each robot is capable of identifying any objects in its pathway and making the proper course corrections to avoid any obstacles, be it people, or snow banks, a particularly useful feature for a New England school. These robots can bring you your food come rain or shine, to wherever you are on campus.  

Be sure to give Starship Delivery Robots a try the next cold or rainy day you do not want to leave your dorm. Download the app to order your next meal from Crimson Dining or Bear’s Den. 

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