Tensions Rise Over Objects in US Airspace

Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken (he/him) postponed his planned diplomatic visit to China after a suspected Chinese spy balloon was seen floating over the United States. The U.S. Air Force shot down the balloon off the coast of South Carolina on February 4th. Debris from the wreckage was recovered, and investigations by the […]

Earthquake Devastates Turkey and Syria

Days after a deadly earthquake hit the southeastern region of Turkey and northern Syria, recovery efforts are still in their early stages. The death toll currently stands at over 40,000; it has continually risen as relief workers continue to search through the wreckage, with the number of survivors dwindling.  The powerful earthquake hit in the […]

Sox Busy with Roster Moves

An unproductive 2022 season stranded the Red Sox in last place within their division and barred from the playoffs only one season after the team nearly made the World Series. Team ownership and managers have been busy in their attempts to rectify the botched 2022 season, and set the Sox up for success in 2023. […]

“Need Help?” The CARE Team is Here!

Arriving in a surprisingly small package, the new “Need Help?” stickers distributed throughout campus are designed to make crisis resources offered by Bridgewater State more accessible to the student body. By scanning the QR code on the sticker or visiting bridgew.edu/help, students are brought to a website with links to a variety of resources, including […]

Texts With Maddy Column

“I think my boyfriend is hanging out with his friends too much! Help!  Sincerely, Clingy GF <3 Ok first ask yourself the question “am I upset he is with his friends or am I upset he isn’t with me?” Either way, you need to tell him that! What is he gonna do to fix it […]

Ode to Valentine’s Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” they say. Yeah right. Valentine’s Day is actually the worst. It’s the one day of the year during which people are obligated to get their partners something to show their love. “Aw thanks hun-bun, I can finally replace those year-old flowers that we have in the kitchen!”.  The only people who actually […]