Glass Onion Is A Twisty Turny Treat

In the anticipated sequel to the 2019 murder mystery film Knives Out, directed once again by the subversive Rian Johnson (he/him), Glass Onion (2022) delivers more of what made the first film so great. There’s twists galore, flashbacks, differing accounts of the same event, and the amusing detective Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig (he/him).

Following its predecessor’s critique of the American old-money, the film now turns it focus to the more precedent new-money. The person bringing together the star-studded cast is Miles Bron, played by Edward Norton (he/him), a run of the mill tech mogul who plans a party for his similarly upper-class friends. Throughout we see these people all blunder in various ways, some of which are clear parodies of influencers or billionaires seen in the news.

Alongside it comes a mystery that, unlike the original film, isn’t fully known until a good portion of the film has past. The entire time you’re strung along, trying hard to follow each and every new detail they bring up that had been kept hidden in plain sight for so long. Oh, and the Chekov’s Guns galore there were in this, just so satisfying.

Another end that the film builds on from the last is certainly the humor, where they certainly tried to pack in plenty into the film’s 2 hour and 19 minute runtime. Most of it lands quite well, and some of it does a decent job. My only issue with it is how grounded it is in the pandemic era, taking place in 2020. Not going to spoil them here, but I will say that some it I can see not doing well in the future. All Posts

Besides the most likely to be aged gags, the film still certainly is a treat. Delivering in excess on the best parts of Knives Out, with so many great performance by the cast, like Kate Hudson (she/her) as a great parody to the modern influencer. Other performances do an absolute excellent job but to include them I do fear spoiling their importance.

To end briefly, as to not reveal to much, I overall give Glass Onion a 5/5.

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