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All Is Not Quiet On The CW Front

Although CW has been seeing mass cancellations recently, there have been lots to like in their new shows and new episodes of existing shows.

The first episode of the new season of Superman & Lois is a great start, exploring the relationship between Clark and Lois as they consider having another child. The show does an excellent job of bringing back all the characters we know and love, and it’s good to see them just being people again after the high-stakes events of the previous season. While not much happens on the superhero front, the episode sets up some intriguing storylines for the rest of the season.

Recently, The Flash kicked off its final season with a quick pace and plenty of content. In just six episodes, the team has already taken down a major villain, tying in with the recently ended CW Batwoman show. Barry and Iris have dealt with the consequences of their time travel antics and Iris’ pregnancy. Additionally, a new character, Khione, is introduced with unclear powers and origins. The writers seem to be trying to wrap everything up in a neat little bow, but it’s unclear if they’ll be able to do so with the limited number of episodes available.

Gotham Knights’ first episode did not disappoint. The story revolves around a group of teenagers framed for Batman’s murder, which is captivating and suspenseful. The characters are promising, likeable, and diverse, and the showrunners successfully introduced queer (transgender and bisexual) characters. Fans were excited to see Misha Collins (he/him) return to the small screen in his first big TV role since Supernatural. His portrayal of Harvey Dent, before he becomes the infamous Two-Face, has already won over fans. Overall, it’s off to a promising start and I am personally very excited for the next episode.

The Winchesters, a 70s-set prequel to Supernatural, was an emotional rollercoaster for fans. The last episode of the season saw the return of beloved characters like Dean, Bobby, and Jack. These cameos really tied the show into Supernatural in a satisfying and coherent way, bringing tears to my eyes. However, the weak Akrida storyline prevents the show from standing on its own. I have faith that the show will improve with better big-bads in the future (here’s hoping for its renewal).

While I don’t have 100% confidence in the CW, I have liked what I’ve seen recently and I am hopeful that this trend will continue.

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