Getting Candid with Trustee Giles

University Trustee Francis Giles (he/him) spoke with students on October 10 about his career as a documentary photographer and journalist. At the event hosted by LGCIE, Giles opened up about his role as trustee, how his career got started, and his creative inspiration.  Giles served in the Vietnam War as a paratrooper. Encountering anti-war pamphlets […]

Latinidad At Hispanic Culture Night

Approaching the final days of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Lewis Gaines Center for Inclusion and Equity held a Hispanic culture night, celebrating the month and different communities within the Latine community. The event featured other groups such as Men Integrated in Brotherhood, Mi Gente, the ICAA and Sisters Scholars Inc..  The word of the night […]

BSU Community Prepares for Homecoming ’23

With Homecoming right around the corner, the yearly questions from curious students about what Homecoming really means to people and what it’s all about arise once again. Alexis Rawell works in Alumni Relations here at BSU and is a major part of Homecoming planning. Rawell sat down with The Comment to discuss the importance of Homecoming and […]

Students React to BSU Snapchat and YikYak

Two social media applications that have proven integral in keeping college students connected are Snapchat and YikYak. Once enrolled at BSU, students can add their school email to Snapchat and post freely on the joint class story. Since no admin is observing the story and it’s an unofficial BSU social media, students have free reign […]

PickleFest Fall ’23

Program Council shakes up the community with their brand new “PickleFest” held on October 9, 2023. The organization filled the Rondileau Student Union large ballroom with pickle-themed decorations, DJ’ed music, and lots of hungry students! The event was centered around a make-your-own pickle station. There were jars for students to take and fill with ingredients […]

Biden Policy Review

The Biden administration made an announcement on October 5, 2023, that the planned border wall located in the Rio Grande Valley—the border between Texas and Mexico—will resume construction. After Biden’s adamant contempt for a border wall, the decision follows what was a near-shutdown of the government.   According to The Wall Street Journal, this move could […]

Massachusetts Tax Cut

Massachusetts will be witnessing a tax cut within the upcoming fiscal year. Governor Maura Healey signed a tax relief bill aimed at cutting over 550 million in taxes this year and by 2027, when the bill will fully go into effect, an estimated 1 billion annually. The bill includes an expanded child tax credit, doubling […]

Scrambling for a Speaker

After a hectic few weeks for the U.S. House of Representatives republicans, the House enters its tenth day absent a new Speaker of the House. On Oct. 2, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) moved to vacate Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from his role as Speaker. A vote of 216-210 passed the motion. This is the first […]

France’s Bed Bug crisis at risk of international spread

France is facing a bed bug epidemic ahead of next year’s Olympics, that is now at risk of spreading across the world. The country has always held issues regarding bed bugs. One-tenth of the country’s homes are reported with infestation  from 2017 to 2022 according to a report from France’s health authority; however, this recent […]