Computers: The Missing Piece to the RSU

The Rondileau Student Union, or RSU, is arguably one of the most popular places for students to go and hang out on campus. With lots of open space, a vending machine, and a giant chessboard, there’s a lot to enjoy. However, there is one essential piece missing to complete this almost perfect puzzle: computers.

It’s no secret that computers and laptops are essential to life here on campus. Whether it’s doing math homework, studying for a quiz, or even writing something like this article, you need a device to work on. While many students can always rely on their laptops, what about those other students? What if your laptop is dead or you forgot it? You could argue that you could go to the Maxwell Library, but what is the point of going to one lounge just to leave for another?

The most feasible solution to this issue would be to install some computers on some of the empty tables on the second floor. These tables have outlets that could easily be used to install a few computers for students to use. This way, both students with and without laptops can enjoy the study space that the RSU has to offer.

One thought on “Computers: The Missing Piece to the RSU

  1. We’ll put. While touring BSU I also noticed the open desk areas. Computers would greatly enhance the place.

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