Our Flag Means Death Sails Perfectly Into Season 2.

Season two of Our Flag Means Death created by David Jenkins (he/him) released to Max on October 5th. Currently, five of the eight episodes of the season are available to watch. The show follows Stede Bonnet played by Rhys Darby (he/him), Blackbeard played by Taika Waititi (he/him), and the ensemble cast of the rest of the crew of “The Revenge”, their boat. Stede Bonnet and many of the characters within the show are based on real historical figures. 

The show starts with Stede Bonnet having left his life as an aristocrat for a life of piracy after a mid-life crisis. It is the beginning of his journey to becoming a capable pirate and how he grows and changes with every new character and experience.

As a massive fan of the previous season, which came out in March 2022, I was incredibly excited for the show to continue. With Max canceling many projects during the months between the first season and the confirmation of season two being in production, it seemed up in the air whether a second season would come to fruition. Thankfully it did with a second season finally confirmed in June of 2022. 

This new season completely met my expectations. I have loved the new arcs the established characters are going on. The show has done a well job adding new characters that blend perfectly into the group as allies and antagonists.

I also enjoy that the show doesn’t shy away from talking about mental health. It may seem weird to have discussions of self and morality in what seems to be an adventure show, but this show loves to give its characters moments to live in their emotions and the complicated relationships the characters have with each other. It has also not shied away from darker themes of trauma and toxic relationships within the new season. 

Overall I would give this new season a 10/10. It replicates everything I loved about the first season while adding new layers to keep the show interesting. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves pirates, mental health, and complex character dynamics.

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