An Exit Interview With Dr. Joe Oravecz

Dr. Joseph Oravecz (he/him)—or Joe O to many students— is retiring from his position as Vice President of the Division for Student Life at the end of the Fall semester. A familiar face to almost any involved student, Dr. Oravecz heads the department that includes the CARE Team, the Center for Student Engagement, and the […]

George Santos Expelled

On Friday December 1, the United States Congress expelled New York Republican representative George Santos (he/him), after a damaging ethics report revealed fraudulent use of campaign funds by the now former congressman. After dodging expulsion in early November, the House voted 311-114, with 2 present, in favor of this second expulsion vote. This second action […]

Ahmad Somakia: A Student Supporter

Becoming involved in campus life can be a valuable experience for students looking to expand their horizons. Ahmad Somakia (’25) (he/him), a first-generation college student, is a junior at BSU majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Middle Eastern North African studies. He is actively involved in multiple campus organizations including the Muslim Student Association (MSA), […]

International Students Reflect on their Experiences At BSU

BSU puts a lot of effort into their international exchange programs, and has exchange programs for many different countries. Sally Roche (she/her), an international student from Ireland, came to BSU on a scholarship from the University of Limerick, in Limerick, Ireland. Roche spoke of her experiences saying, “It’s very interesting to get an experience of […]

Supreme Court Issues Ethics Code for Justices

The Supreme Court issued an ethics code that seeks to put restrictions into place for the justices of the Supreme Court, in light of recent events. Concerns in regard to unregulated trips and other actions taken by justices, Samuel Alito (he/him) and Clarence Thomas (he/him), have brought up tense discussion and debate in observing the […]

Learn About Asian Culture with ASU!

The Asian Student Union (ASU) is a multicultural student organization focused on connecting those of Asian ethnicity and educating the wider BSU community. “It is one of the friendliest places to learn about international culture,” said President Julie Wong (‘24) (she/they) in an interview. Despite it being open to all students, Wong emphasizes ASU’s inclusion […]

How US Foreign Aid Works

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has placed a spotlight on public opinion of US foreign aid. A 2017 Washington Post study found that Americans’ views on U.S. foreign aid shift drastically with different presentations. 67% of people think the U.S. spends too much without an argument, while 28% feel the same with a positive […]

Students Attacked in Vermont in a Potential Hate Crime

Three Palestinian college students were shot in Burlington, Vermont on November 25 in what is currently being investigated as a potential hate crime. The victims—Kinnan Abdalhamid, Tahseen Ali Ahmad and Hisham Awartani—were in Burlington for the Thanksgiving holiday visiting Awartani’s grandmother. They were walking near the University of Vermont campus on a Saturday evening when […]

U.S.-China Summit Breaks Down Turbulent Walls

In a recent summit on November 15, 2023, President Joe Biden met with President Xi Jinping of China to discuss topics pertaining to China-U.S. relations. Following the summit, Biden stated he believes Jinping to be a dictator “in the sense that he is a guy who runs a country that is a communist country that’s […]