Streaming Sucks

How many streaming services do you think there are? Lets count Netflix, Disney, Hulu, HBO, Prime, ESPN+, Paramount, Discovery, Apple TV, Peacock, Starz, Crunchyroll, BET+, Britbox Showtime, AMC+, etc… That’s 16 and I only counted the ones I’ve heard of. 

Do you know how much it would cost if you wanted to pay for all of them? If you just wanted Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and Hulu it would cost you 74.96$ if you get an ad free. That’s over 20$ more than basic cable.

Most streaming services still make no money, Only Netflix and HBO are profitable. So you can expect Apple, Disney, Peacock and the others to keep raising prices for a few more years. It’s only gonna get more expensive from here.

With so many services it makes it hard to watch shows. The original Law and Order only has seasons 11-20 on Peacock, seasons 1-10 aren’t available on any streaming service. Why? I don’t know, but I do know that this is the case for a few other long running shows. The only way to get it is to buy the DVD, Blu-ray, or the MP4 file online. 

And that’s not even the worst part, the worst part is that you don’t own anything. These shows are on the services until the original company that made them takes them off, then you need to pay monthly for some dumb service nobody has ever heard of for just one show. 

But streaming originals aren’t safe either. When HBO was cutting content, they removed a few original shows for tax reasons, and that meant that there was no legal way to watch the show. Unless these services release physical versions of their content there is no way to guarantee that the shows will remain on those services forever. And even if you “buy” them on amazon prime if they loose distribution rights they will delete it from your library, even though you “own” it. 

So yeah, long story short streaming sucks.


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