Madame Web Is Something Else

Well, it was at least funny. Not exactly when it’s supposed to be funny, but it certainly had me laughing.

From the trailers and how other Sony Pictures films made in association with Marvel have gone, this film didn’t stand a chance. From the acting, to the cinematography, and the editing, there overall isn’t that much technically good about the film.

To start, the acting ranges from fine, to incredibly cheesy, to the most obvious post-production dubbing I’ve ever seen in a film. That last part has to be stressed; so many lines read by characters, especially the antagonist, feel artificial and stiff while not exactly matching up to mouth movements. Besides that, it almost feels like a lot of the dialogue came from a Disney Channel Original Movie with line readings that are still awkward, even if they aren’t dubbed over.

Then there was it’s cinematography and editing, which both worked together to give me the most disorientating film viewing experience. From unnecessary Dutch-angles, to breaking the 180 rule for so many scenes, odd shaky-cam, and obvious post-production zoom-ins, it feels like the camera was put in a washing machine while they were filming. Then, they portrayed her visions of the future with cuts that were just so jarring and quick at times.

Another aspect, that I won’t go into detail because it spoils the film, is that the trailer made me think that certain things would come up in the film, and they do, but entirely through two small scenes that were simply just visions of the future. This isn’t that big of a deal, but the trailer made it seem like it would come up in the proper plot itself, rather than just these two small scenes.

However, despite how bad it was, it reached a level of being so bad that I thought it was hilarious. Throughout the film, I was laughing at every other scene in response to the various issues stated above. For the experience of seeing a film so bad that it’s funny, I think Madame Web is worth giving a watch with some friends. In terms of a star rating, it’s still getting one out of five stars, though.

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