ATLA Brings New Elements to the Table

On February 22, Netflix released the live action Avatar The Last Airbender show with eight episodes, each about an hour long. They are based on the Nickelodeon cartoon released in the early 2000s, as well as a live action movie made in 2010. Bringing a new perspective from the books and films brought back nostalgia […]

2024 Formula One Season Preview

Formula One is back on track! The 2024 Formula One season is ready to rev its engines. So, let’s see what’s been updated so far. If you are new to Formula One or have been in the game as long as Fernando Alonso, the new season always has something fun and new in store for […]

Award Show Drama

Wondering what’s happening in the cinematic awards world? Let’s go over what has happened so far.  The 2024 award season has quickly approached making headlines on the news and still has more to come. The new year has brought new media to the big screens in theaters and at home, and many have had mixed […]