Pearl (2022) Is A Real Gem! (Nicholas Fonseca)

Following his film X (2022), Ti West has released the prequel, Pearl, to it only six months later! In this movie we follow the character Pearl, excellently played by Mia Goth, who was the antagonist of X. It’s here we see her origins of how she became a brutal, old, and cold-blooded killer. Unlike the […]

Go Check It Out: The Rug Shack

Although I’ve only been on campus for less than a month, I couldn’t help but find myself curious as to what lies beyond the hallowed grounds of Bridgewater State University. To my surprise, Bridgewater is filled to the brim with little gems that make the trek worthwhile, one such diamond being The Rug Shack. There […]

Summer of Thrill (Christina Venter)

The new thriller Beast starring Idris Elba was released in the U.S. on August 19, 2022 with high anticipation. The trailer provided viewers a sneak peek into the suspense and thrill the film would bring, specifically the scene of Elba’s character being chased by the ferocious lion to his car which left audiences at the […]

Poke Is A-Okay! (Nicholas Fonseca)

Taking over the spot once known for housing Pressed (don’t worry readers, with Tilly’s reopening, sandwich cravings can be satisfied there now), Hissho Sushi in Bear’s Den now offers poke bowls! Standing right beside where the sushi has been relocated, you can now have more choices in regards to how you can dine on sushi-style […]

Get To Know Our Best Buddies!

BSU has so many amazing clubs and organizations on campus to join and I recently had the pleasure to learn more about one of the school’s most popular organizations! Best Buddies is an international nonprofit organization that, at BSU, focuses on friendship and leadership for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The well deserving President, […]

The Significance of Morals

Compared to the rest of the world, the United States of America is one of the most progressive places to live. However, as a young American female, I cannot help but feel misled by this statement. While newly developed laws are taking away women’s bodily autonomy rights, powerful lawmakers are simultaneously throwing around ideas of […]