What If…the 1994 MLB Strike Never Happened?

Sports have many what ifs, where one of the MLB “What ifs?” relates to the 1994 strike that ended the season due to players wanting more money that cut into the 1995 season. MLB teams played between 112-117 games in 1994, and missed 18 games in 1995. The main reason this “What if” is so […]

Democrats Call For Term Limits

Senators Cory Booker (he/him)(D-NJ), Sheldon Whitehouse (he/him)(D-RI), Richard Blumenthal (he/him)(D-CT), and Alex Padilla (he/him)(D-CA), introduced a bill designed to impose term limits for the Supreme Court. Their bill states that every two years, the President would appoint a new justice that would hear every case for eighteen years before stepping back. The justice would be […]

An Unlikely Matchup in the MLB World Series

The 2023 Major League Baseball World Series has been decided. The American League sent the Texas Rangers, and the National League sent the Arizona Diamondbacks to the 121st playing of the Fall Classic, which goes back to 1903. The two are quite an unlikely matchup, however considering the odds-on favorites were the Houston Astros, New […]

Tragedy In Lewiston

On Wednesday October 25, 18 people were killed and, 13 more injured in a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine as confirmed by authorities and Governor Janet Mills (she/her) (D). The Lewiston shooting is the 2nd shooting on record in the United States in 2023 that killed 10 or more people. Last year also had 2 […]

Where One Romance Ended…Another Began

  The perfect romance that Taylor Swift (she/her) envisioned as a kid has never been a true reality, and Swift has been dragged through the mud by the press due to heartbreak knocking her down. Made muddier by Ye (he/him), which brought her to the edge of failure. However, she recovered and now is at an […]

Government Shutdown Avoided in Light of Recent Upset

Washington D.C. has witnessed unrest since the reconvening of Congress. The potential of a government shutdown and vote to remove Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) loom, as does the Impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden (D). House Democrats are working to avoid a shutdown, driven by their belief that House Republicans are causing […]

The MLB Playoff Race Heats Up

Entering the 2023 Major League Baseball season, players on 30 teams aspired to win the win the World Series in October or November if the World Series was a long and hard fought one. Some teams faltered; others prospered. The Atlanta Braves became the first team to clinch a playoff appearance doing so on September […]