Introvert’s Guide to Skate Night

Have you ever experienced a middle school skate night? A whole bunch of hyperactive demi-teens zooming around a polished wood oval on wheels. So what if the six-foot giant is the only one who can’t skate?  With no center of gravity and a lack of spatial awareness, I’ve always been quite bad at tasks that […]

Three Cheers For Bailey Cormier!

If you attended the 2021 graduation ceremony, then you would have marveled at the smooth transitions of photos on the big screens, or how all members of the team running seemed to know exactly what they were doing. This was all thanks to a student Bailey Cormier (she/her).  Ironically, she was pushed by The Comment’s advisor, Michelle […]

Farewell to Jesse Frazier

I will admit, I’m not great at writing praise.  It’s awkward! Who really has it in them to sit around and think about the impact one person has had on them, and write about it as well? Super uncomfortable! However, there is always room for some exceptions. And as the graduates of 2022 don their […]

Bristaco’s Bucket List

The 2022 Spring Semester is coming to a close! Students will soon be putting the finishing touches on that last project or concluding their last paper, saying their farewells to the campus, and taking a (much needed) vacation. But before all that, Bristaco the Bear has some important events to check off of the good […]

Damaged Property in University Park

Despite the rain, Homecoming ended up being a smash event, with all of the student body and administration coming together to save the day. However, Homecoming night saw the BSU campus become a much different vibe than the family-fun of the daylight. That night, technically the morning of October 2nd, the police received a report […]

An Introvert’s Guide to Monster Jam

Happy Holidays!  Well, three months ago it was, and that’s when this whole fiasco started. My family doesn’t really do massive presents for the holidays, preferring to have experiences together. This year, my mother picked a very special experience, and bought eight tickets. Mom, dad, brother, me, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew. We needed something family […]

Ghosts (2021) Review

Wanna hear a joke? A soldier, Viking, singer, scout leader,  Native American, stockbroker, hippie, and proper lady all walk into a manor. Oh, and they’re all ghosts.  Did I forget to mention that part? CBS’s hit new sitcom Ghosts has just recently completed its first season with numerous resounding reviews of excellence. The show, which […]

BSU Panhellenic Recruitment Weekend

Spring has sprung for Greek life as they begin to welcome the new generation of sisters! Bridgewater State University’s Panhellenic Recruitment started this week with the events, Sweets with Sororities on February 1 and Orientation Night on February 2— all leading up to the big event: Recruitment Weekend. As one of the largest organizations on […]