The 2024 Ultimate Guide to Homework

I did not realize it was possible to drown in paper until this semester. Well, technically homework, papers, and wait… do people even use paper anymore? Anyway, if you are like me this semester, then the amount of homework you’ve been getting is pretty rough, and with the weather getting warmer, it’s going to be […]

Gaming Industry Layoffs Continue Into 2024

The gaming industry is experiencing a falter. Continuing the trend from the past year, over 6,000 workers have lost their jobs for major companies such as Microsoft and Unity. With the world only being into 2024 for a few weeks and 2023’s layoffs in gaming being over 10,000 through the entire year, it raises the […]

The Spring 2024 Semester Begins!

We aren’t in Kansas anymore. As the seasons have shifted, the once familiar Fall 2023 semester has vanished into thin air and been replaced with an entirely new semester. Let’s unpack this. As a freshman, shifting schedules halfway through the year has been hard to accept. I keep finding myself referring to last semester as […]

Your Guide to the End of the Fall 2023 Semester

As Mariah Carey finishes defrosting and the sound of holiday songs fills the normally quiet air, a chilling feeling runs down the spines of BSU’s students. Just like the first snow of the season, finals are here and you’re going to need more than a shovel to get through this storm. If at this point […]

(R.)U.R Going to Love It

Computers are taking over. That’s a fact that we can’t deny no matter what argument. With the rise of technology from Chat GPT to even our own university’s Starship delivery robots, we are surrounded by new inventions. But what about in the 1920s? Even without all of this technology, playwright, Karel Čapek (he/him), saw a […]

Burning Energy and Exercising on Campus

With the weight of midterms on everyone’s shoulders, sometimes burning energy is just what a student needs to relieve their stress. Here at BSU, there are a lot of great opportunities to do that, especially at the Thornburg Fitness Center in the Adrien Tinsley building. “It’s an opportunity that students have,” says Glenn Gonsalves, the […]