War Crimes Mount in Ukraine

On Friday, April 8, the European Commission adopted a fifth package of restrictive measures against Russia as the war against Ukraine enters its seventh week. The new list of sanctions includes: an import bans on Russian coal, a transactions ban and assets freeze on four Russian banks, completely cutting them off from all markets, bans […]

Run the Jewels at Boston Calling

When OutKast was announced the winner of the category of Best New Rap Group in 1995 at The Source Awards, they were booed by the crowd. But OutKast rapper, Andre 3000, had a message for their haters: “The south got something to say.” The ATLiens artists had beamed us up into a world of smooth […]

When War Comes

When War Comes   A world superpower has invaded a sovereign state without just reasoning. A new war has begun.  The invasion is opposed by the superpower’s allies.  There is worldwide protest of the war. 36 million people have participated in over three thousand anti-war demonstrations. They carry picket signs demanding the war be brought to […]

Russian Invasion No End in Sight

“You’re occupants. You’re fascists. What the f**k are you doing on our land with all these guns? Take these seeds and put them in your pocket, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all die here.” These are the words of a Ukrainian woman who confronted a Russian soldier in the port city of […]

Oliver Tree Album Review

Oliver Tree has switched his persona from Turbo, the obnoxious, scooter riding, bowl haircut loving, self-stylized meme come to life that propelled him onto the music scene two years ago. He now appears as an exaggerated parody of a country singer, adorned with a two-tone deep ocean and baby blue cowboy tuxedo to launch his […]

Chinese Genocide

Society often believes that the tragedy of genocide is something that only happens in a vacuum and to specific groups, however this is a dangerously misinformed idea. One quick Google search for the term genocide will result in numerous black and white photos of previous historical events. There have been at least twenty-three genocides in […]