An Honest Immaculate Review

Immaculate, starring Sydney Sweeney (she/her) and directed by Michael Mohan (he/him), was a good movie. That being said, it did not blow my mind. The plot was predictable and the messaging was heavy-handed. However, I enjoyed it. I don’t think it will become the next cult classic, but it is worth the watch. MINOR SPOILERS […]

JoJo See-Ya Later

It is impossible to describe all of JoJo Siwa’s (she/her) controversies in one article, so to make a long story short, I am very tired of seeing her name in YouTube thumbnails and TikTok captions. While I will not deny that she has done a lot of good with her platform, such as speaking out […]

PC Drag Show: A Sickening Success

The drag show is my favorite Program Council (PC) event every year, and this spring was no different. This year there were three local queens, and all of them were phenomenal. Returning to the BSU stage was Candace Persuasian (she/her), a trans activist and drag queen you may recognize from the viral video of her […]

The Barbz Are Not Alright…

Now there is a lot of context missing, but frankly, I would need this whole page to get into it. So let’s talk about “HISS,” the most recent Megan Thee Stallion (she/her) track. Now, I wouldn’t classify this as a diss track, as it seems to come for a lot of different people in the […]

Leave Gypsy Alone

I still don’t know how I feel about the “influencerification” of Gypsy Rose Blanchard (she/her). Should we let her do what she wants to do or should we stop supporting her so she can focus on her real life?  If you don’t know who Gypsy Rose is, definitely look her up because I don’t have […]

Please Shut Up About The Ten Year Olds In Sephora

Recently people online, specifically on TikTok, have been outraged at a new invasive species: the ten-year-olds in your local Sephora. Are they annoying? Probably. Are they the actual problem? No… they’re ten. Before you bully some ten-year-olds on TikTok, lets think about the reasons why ten-year-olds have been touching everything in Sephora with their sticky […]

Dolly Parton’s Rockstar Rocked My World

Dolly Parton (she/her) is many different things. She is first and foremost: MOTHER. But she is also a country legend, philanthropist, activist, and also a rockstar. Oh, you disagree? Tell that to pop artist P!nk (she/her) who inducted her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year. In response, she released her debut rock […]

An Interview with Miss New Bedford

The reigning Miss New Bedford, Emma Gendreau (she/her), is a BSU sophomore majoring in Severe Disabilities and Political Science.  Gendreau first got involved with pageants at a young age. Not only was she a dancer for the Miss New Bedford choreographer, she also participated in the Little Sister program, “a program for little girls and […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Staying Informed

A reputable source is backed up with verifiable evidence and lacks bias. There are a lot of indicators of a reputable source that you can test by looking at the website. For example, if a news site is littered with ads and pop-up content, it is likely not reputable. The same thing goes for sites […]