BSU Community Prepares for Homecoming ’23

With Homecoming right around the corner, the yearly questions from curious students about what Homecoming really means to people and what it’s all about arise once again. Alexis Rawell works in Alumni Relations here at BSU and is a major part of Homecoming planning. Rawell sat down with The Comment to discuss the importance of Homecoming and […]

Biden Policy Review

The Biden administration made an announcement on October 5, 2023, that the planned border wall located in the Rio Grande Valley—the border between Texas and Mexico—will resume construction. After Biden’s adamant contempt for a border wall, the decision follows what was a near-shutdown of the government.   According to The Wall Street Journal, this move could […]

War Breaks Out Between Israel and Palestine

On October 7, 2023, the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict saw one of the largest escalations since spring 2021. Hamas, a militant organization that rules the Gaza Strip, launched an unanticipated attack, firing thousands of missiles into Israel. Fighters breached the border and began a ground invasion; over 1,400 Israeli civilians died in the attacks with 199 […]

Illinois Eliminates Cash Bail

As of Monday, September 18, Illinois has become the first state to eliminate cash bail— a policy that allows for the release of a suspect ahead of criminal trial on a monetary basis. The elimination of the cash bail addresses the disproportionate impact that the practice has had on people of color. The Associated Press […]