Best Of The Oscars 2023

The 95th annual Oscars has finally come around and with that a handful of winners. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel (he/him) who did a decent job, besides the overflow of ‘the slap’ jokes, the show had plenty of great moments. Along with that, this year surely had an excellent selection of films and I’m quite satisfied […]

Cocaine Bear Is A Thrill Ride

There’s a bear and it’s on cocaine, a combination I honestly had no idea what to expect from. From the trailers alone, Cocaine Bear is a film that can be best described as what you’d be doing in it’s setting: camp. Campy is the best way I could possibly describe this film that’s full of […]

Glass Onion Is A Twisty Turny Treat

In the anticipated sequel to the 2019 murder mystery film Knives Out, directed once again by the subversive Rian Johnson (he/him), Glass Onion (2022) delivers more of what made the first film so great. There’s twists galore, flashbacks, differing accounts of the same event, and the amusing detective Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig (he/him). Following its […]

HBO’s The Last of Us Review

It appears that the curse of horrible TV/film adaptations of videogames has been breaking away. The new The Last Of Us adaptation is a show that holds much promise in its first two episodes that have come out as of the time of this review. It all starts off insanely strong with its whopping 1 hour […]

The Menu (2022) Is Delicious

Certainly a top ten of my favorites for the year, The Menu is a tense and hilarious dark comedy that serves to unsettle alongside making you chuckle. Its one of those films that starts out with everything quite formal and as it runs through a variety of courses, things become more sinister. The film is an […]