Where Is Paul Now? (Foolish Edition)

For those who are curious, the hunt for former Beatle Paul McCartney is on! The superstar has not been seen in months. For those who are not aware, there was a rumor back in the 1960s that he had died and was replaced with a look alike. The rumor persisted into 1967. Supposedly, the Beatles sent […]

Promoting Mathematical Unity in Education (Foolish Edition)

Members of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) made the executive decision on April 1st, 2024 to adopt the Swedish form of the slope-intercept formula, y=kx+m, for countries throughout the world. The Swedish slope-intercept formula has been in use since the 1840s. It is derived from the word “riktningscoefficient,” which means “direction coefficient.” In this formula, […]

The Greatest Film of the Year (Foolish Edition)

Tickets are unable to be found for springs biggest film Ryan Gosling stars alongside Zendaya in a romantic slasher film where they play a serial killer couple out to see who has the most kills “This has been one my favorite films to star in,” said Gosling last week, “Best one since Barbie definitely” The […]

Dear Reader (Foolish Edition)

For all you people at BSU, I wanted to dedicate this one for you. Not like you’d see it anyways. Do any of y’all even read the paper?  I mean, I guess I’m not expecting you all to wake up at the ass crack of dawn just to read the paper with a cup of […]

Future Oscar Predictions (Foolish Edition)

While some might say it’s incredibly early to be predicting the next Academy Awards winners when this year’s show just happened, but I think this time around it’s a special case. The 96th annual Academy Awards, once again hosted by “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel (He/Him), will be unlike any other because it’ll be graced with the presence of Madame Web. […]