An Introvert’s Guide to Doctor Visits

By: Grace Mastroianni One attribute that is shared by introverts around the globe is that receptionists frighten us. This is someone that is paid to ask people questions all day long, basically my nightmare. They tend to either be very preppy, or have the attitude of a very cranky turtle. There is no middle ground […]

4 Motivational Tips For Finals

As we near the end of this infamous semester with finals rapidly approaching, I’m sure many of us are struggling to make it to the end. With everything going online, it’s arguably harder to manage due dates, assignments and the incredible amount of stress that typically comes with finals season. I’m coming to you today, […]

The Visibility of One’s “Ghost”

As COVID-19 continues to produce near empty streets across the country, or at least for safety’s sake one would hope so, one B.S.U. alum has kept pages filled with her poetry. These pages have come together to form the book Ghost of a Girl, now available for all to read. Amber Miller, who graduated from […]

An Open Letter to Whoever Needs It

By: Stefanie Baptista Campus Life Editor Dear Reader, We’re living in kind of a funny time right now, wouldn’t you say? Things and places that we took for granted are no longer at our disposal. We’re being told that we can’t hug or kiss our loved ones because that requires being closer than six feet […]

Quarantine Situation

COVID-19 has affected many of the things we all had planned in our typically busy schedules. The numbers remain extremely high and in order to reduce this increase, we must quarantine in our homes. Quarantining at home has its pros and cons. For me, the first pro of this quarantine is having the ability to […]

My Daily Quarantine Routine

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share with you my daily quarantine routine! Please do not feel like you should be doing this in order to be productive during quarantine; this is just what works for me. We’re experiencing a pandemic for crying out loud! Don’t feel bad about not getting more accomplished. 😊 […]

Dua Lipa is an Essential Worker

I don’t think there will ever come a time where we become nostalgic for this period we’re currently living in. But should we get to that point, Dua Lipa made that concept just a smidge more fathomable.  While many artists have already postponed their albums weeks and even months ahead of their original release date, […]