Halloween Ends Review

I feel like I’m being pranked.  I feel like, any minute now, somebody’s going to jump out, surprise me, and say, “Gotcha! Now, here’s the real Halloween Ends.”  And I’d say, “Oh, thank Christ!” before sobbing with relief. But, alas, this is not a joke. This is not a drill. This is not a dream. […]

Black Adam Review

The thirteenth installment in the reliably unreliable DC Extended Universe, Black Adam features moments of imagination and high-energy thrills, but fails to capture a needed sense of urgency and astonishment to justify its gigantic ego.  Not that I, or any film critic, would know anything about having a gigantic ego.  Almost five thousand years ago, […]

Epic Proportions Review

This past weekend, the Bridgewater State University’s Department of Theatre put on their rendition of Epic Proportions. While watching the show, I decided that my review would focus on different aspects of the production which I feel worked well or missed the mark. Overall, I would say that the Department of Theatre should give themselves […]