God Called, and He Told Us to Chill

I’ve never been great at small talk, but I’m going to give it a try: Some weather we’ve been having, huh? First, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook New England last Friday morning. Then on Monday, a total solar eclipse passed over the region, the last we’ll see (unless you forgot your eclipse glasses—protect your retinas!) […]

Ode to the Campus Bikers

A few days ago I sat with my friends in University Park, waiting for the solar eclipse to (somewhat) knock my socks off, when all of a sudden there they were. We all know them. That group of middle school kids that ride around campus on their bikes, acting all tough with their wheelies.  I […]

Art as a Therapeutic Release

It seems that in the last decade, mental health crises have gone up by a significant margin. With climate change concerns, the pandemic, and countless other events that have disrupted our daily lives, many people find themselves with no outlet to release their stress. It definitely doesn’t help that it is so hard to get […]

A Guide To Beating The Airport Blues

This past weekend, BSU’s Model Senate team traveled down to sunny, alligator-infested Florida for a competition. While I enjoyed the beautiful weather, the delayed return flight and 10 hour wait at the airport was…less than ideal. But I thought I’d make something productive out of this experience. Here’s my guide for what to do the […]

Ode to Schedule Making

Ever contemplated your major? No? Well, now is a fantastic time to do so! That’s right, it’s time to pick classes for next semester and I could not feel more anxious! Don’t get me wrong, picking out schedules can be so fun for people like me who like to micromanage stuff. Like hello? We can […]

What Did You Get on Wordle?

Every single morning, usually before I even leave my bed, I have three tasks: Wordle, Connections, and the Mini Crossword. Every. Single. Day. I am what you might consider a burnt-out former “gifted kid,” which basically means I crave academic validation, and I was that kid in high school who got upset over getting a […]