Netflix’s ‘The Watcher’ Review

Creators of Netflix’s Dahmer—Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennen, once again have another one of Netflix’s most popular recent releases, the new mystery mini-series The Watcher.  The show is based on a true story and features seven episodes. The plot surrounds a family of four who have just moved into their […]

Please Watch Do Revenge

As a disciple of the ninety’s teen movie, I could not have asked for a better modern revival than 2022’s Do Revenge. From the actors to the set and costume design, and of course the soundtrack this film hit every aspect of what a teen movie should look like. Starting with the cast, the main […]

First Year Perspective on Homecoming

When I first imagined Homecoming, I thought of dressing up for a themed football game and going to a mediocre school dance. Personally, I didn’t have any opinion of Homecoming because it wasn’t really anything special. However, after getting to experience BSU’s Homecoming this past week, my thoughts have done a complete 180. I knew […]

Don’t Worry Darling Review

Olivia Wilde’s suburban thriller Don’t Worry Darling tells a tense tale of dark secrets and deceit behind the veil of a shiny utopia. The film takes obvious inspiration from gaslighting narratives like The Truman Show and Rosemary’s Baby, but misunderstands some of the most fundamental components of those movies’ success. But along the way, there’s […]

Pearl (2022) Is A Real Gem! (Nicholas Fonseca)

Following his film X (2022), Ti West has released the prequel, Pearl, to it only six months later! In this movie we follow the character Pearl, excellently played by Mia Goth, who was the antagonist of X. It’s here we see her origins of how she became a brutal, old, and cold-blooded killer. Unlike the […]

Love Letter to Tilly

If someone asked me to choose between ECC, Crimson, or Bear’s Den as my favorite BSU dining hall, I would adamantly absolutely refuse to answer.  Despite now living on East Campus, I am a Scottie all the way. Freshman year was all about where I go to get food as quickly as possible, while also […]