Alec Baldwin Charges; Fair?

The Rust shooting, a case that has taken the media by storm.  On October 21, 2021, actor Alec Baldwin (he/him) accidentally shot the movie’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins (she/her), and director Joel Souza (he/him) with a prop gun that was unknowingly loaded. This incident had devastating outcomes as Hutchins lost her life while Souza was hospitalized […]

Ode To The Student Tour

I genuinely do not know if I can fully express my feud with BSU’s college tours. Don’t get me wrong, the tour guides themselves are great! Doing the job that absolutely no one wants to do, they are the true martyrs of this school. Hate to say it, but it’s our “future bears” that make […]

Seasons Streamings: Which are the Best?

Alert the news!! Your go-to cable channels are losing popularity to streaming services. All the television I watch comes from streaming services, and surely that is the same for many of you. With streaming services at their popularity peak, we now need to ask one very important question; which one is the best? Here’s how […]

My Policeman Review

Dashing newlyweds Marion Taylor (Emma Corrin, they/them) and Tom Burgess (Harry Styles, he/him) are two dapper, young Brits in 1950s Brighton. The two have their whole lives ahead of them in a picture-perfect marriage.  But this peace cannot last. The couple befriends one Patrick Hazlewood (David Dawson, he/him) who opens Tom’s eyes to his long-buried […]

The Menu (2022) Is Delicious

Certainly a top ten of my favorites for the year, The Menu is a tense and hilarious dark comedy that serves to unsettle alongside making you chuckle. Its one of those films that starts out with everything quite formal and as it runs through a variety of courses, things become more sinister. The film is an […]

T-Swift’s Eras Tour Debacle

I’ve never been so desperate, heartbroken, and furious at the same time. Then came the overwhelming defeat. There were so many things wrong with Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour ticket plan and process.  The amount of time that fans from all around the country spent waiting in the now infamous “2000+” queue is astounding. Every […]