Presidents Have Never Been Older

Presidential candidates have never been older. It can be tough to remember a time when people running were not on retirement benefits but that time did exist. Obama (he/him) was 51 when he ran for reelection, Mitt Romney (he/him) was 65. Bush Jr. (he/him) was 54, Bill Clinton (he/him) was 46, Bush Sr. (he/him) was […]

The 2024 Ultimate Guide to Homework

I did not realize it was possible to drown in paper until this semester. Well, technically homework, papers, and wait… do people even use paper anymore? Anyway, if you are like me this semester, then the amount of homework you’ve been getting is pretty rough, and with the weather getting warmer, it’s going to be […]

Ode to Freedom

Let’s address the undertone some readers might have regarding my title. This is not to praise the “freedoms” that this country is providing for citizens, but to criticize the limitations to these freedoms.  What is going on in this country right now? I’m talking about Alabama. You know, whose state Supreme Court just ruled that […]

Black Excellence

Welcome to Black History Month! The time of the year where everyone pretends to care about the struggles of Black people just to move on the second March 1 hits (until Juneteenth, that is). Now, I could talk about white people trying to turn the fade into the “Travis Kelce,” (he/him) or Nicki Minaj (she/her) […]

Ode to Maya Hawke

I recently stumbled across my “Ode to Valentine’s Day” from this time last year. Oh boy. I genuinely laughed. No, not because I find myself funny, but because when you learn more about yourself, it makes looking back on your past-self that much more cringeworthy. I wrote in the Ode, “I’m literally the most non-girlfriend […]

Letter to the Editor: Campus Food Insecurity

The following letter was submitted from Dr. Kathy Bailey’s Social Work 508 class and has been lightly edited for clarity. Food insecurity among college students is an issue that flies under the radar, yet a host of students have found themselves not knowing where their next meal is coming from. Although about one in three […]

The Barbz Are Not Alright…

Now there is a lot of context missing, but frankly, I would need this whole page to get into it. So let’s talk about “HISS,” the most recent Megan Thee Stallion (she/her) track. Now, I wouldn’t classify this as a diss track, as it seems to come for a lot of different people in the […]

Leave Gypsy Alone

I still don’t know how I feel about the “influencerification” of Gypsy Rose Blanchard (she/her). Should we let her do what she wants to do or should we stop supporting her so she can focus on her real life?  If you don’t know who Gypsy Rose is, definitely look her up because I don’t have […]

An Open Letter to the Other Hannah Murphy

Dear Hannah Murphy,  No, I’m not talking to myself here. Our paper doesn’t have a personal ads section, so I’m abusing my power to get in contact with my namesake; the other Hannah Murphy. In some kind of cruel joke, fate has decided to bring us together at this fine public institution.  Alas, we’ve been […]