2022-2023 The Comment Staff

Grace Mastroianni | Editor-in-Chief
Grace Mastroianni class of 2023 is majoring in cultural anthropology. 
Grace can be contacted at

Artie Universe | Creative Director
Artie Universe class of 2023 is majoring in communications concentrating on film and media studies. 
Artie can be contacted at


Hannah Murphy | News Editor
Hannah Murphy class of 2025 is majoring in political science. 
Hannah can be contacted at

Nina Hamel | Opinion Editor
Nina Hamel is a freshman majoring in communication studies. 
Nina can be contacted at

Samantha Santos | Sports Editor
Samantha Santos class of 2023 is majoring in history and communications concentrating on media studies 
Samantha can be contacted at

Maddy Marino | Operation Director
Maddy Marino class of 2024 is double majoring in English literature and communications with a PR concentration and a digital media minor
Maddy can be contacted at

Gabrielle Barahona | Copy Editor
Gabrielle Barahona class of 2023 is majoring in English concentrating on literature and has a minor in classical studies
Gabrielle can be contacted at