Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials Mystery

Salem was not the only town in Naumkeag (town of Salem) region that was covered by the dark shadow of the witchcraft hysteria. In Beverly, Danvers, and Peabody Massachusetts more than 30 residents were accused of being witches. It had been initiated by a group of single women who had knowledge of herbal medicines who had a reputation for lying or stealing. The accused were said to have mental conditions, which is why they were the first prime suspects.

John Hale, a Puritan and the first pastor of Beverly Massachusetts, was one of the most influential ministers associated with the Salem witch trials called A Modest Enquiry Into the Nature of Witchcraft and also wrote a book on witchcraft. Reverend John Hale believed in the witches and actively supported the accusations. Hale had seen how the accused were getting out of hand and did not know what to believe. But soon, Hale believed it was becoming out of control. He realized that mistakes had been made in an effort to convince others that they were accusing the innocent.

After coming to that realization, he would pray with the accused witches. He wrote his book on witchcraft at Hale Farm in 1697. He was trying to make sense of this black period in New England history. Hale wrote, “We walked the Clouds and could not see our way.” Other local men who served as jurors during the witch trials wrote a document called “A Declaration of Regret.” This was an apology to the victims and their families for the suffering that the trials had caused.

Salem was established first then Beverly became established its own town in Agawam Indian Territory. Farming was big in Beverly and was key that it had fairly fertile land and good natural resources. Beverly was very hilly and the New England soil was good for apple orchards and consequent hard cider, which became popular in every house. There was a lot of wild game in the hills they were killed for food and they would always share with their neighbors. They had domesticated animals on the farms as well.


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